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Dealing with the cultivation of olives began in 1880. Since then, we deal exclusively with the production of extra virgin olive oil, situated in Lalioti Corinthias. Following the tradition, the Koskoletos family produces, standardises and packages this 'golden' product named ICHOR, derived solely from the Psiloelia which is known for its rich flavour and fruity aroma. The four generations have passed on through the years the knowledge, experience and passion, producing this exceptional virgin olive oil with all its characteristics that ensure perfect quality.

In our endeavours, and with the support and feedback from our "customers" praise for the quality of the oil we produce, and our love for olive oil and our land, we decided in 2010 to start up our own company. The purpose is to standardise this extra virgin olive oil for its unique taste, which is primarily produced by our olive groves, and for it also to be promoted in Greece and abroad.

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• Our goal is to promote Greek agricultural products, especially extra virgin olive oil, all over the world.

• The equal partnership and mutual support of all participating parties.

• Ensuring the highest quality of olive oil, which is produced exclusively in Greece by Greek producers with years of experience.

• Our basic principle was and always will be the consistency and respect for the consumer.

Harvesting the Psiloelia

The harvesting of the psiloelia takes place early in the morning. Firstly, a net is placed under the tree. The net has replaced the material "liopanes" once used, as it is best for the airing of the olives. After the olives have been gathered in the net, defoliation begins. Finally, the olives are put into sacks and then transported to the mill.


The mill

When the olives reach the mills, the procedure begins with the weighing and washing of the olives. The olives are then placed in wooden crates which are carried on conveyor belts. From there. they are dropped into a funnel that leads to the mill, consisting of crushers or millstones. Then the process of crushing and pressing begins to extract the oil.


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